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Stunning Indian Agate Silver Cuff  {Adjustable}

Stunning Indian Agate Silver Cuff {Adjustable}

SKU: 1214521452

This stunning Indian Agate cuff, is made from soft brass.

Nickel and Lead free*

Lightly wire wrapped

*** Keep out of water for longevity ***


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    Indian Agate Metaphysical Propertie-

    Indian (or India) Agate is a great aid for meditation and is a powerful healing stone. It is known to give physical strength, emotional security and protection. Just like all agates, it is the king of stones and balances the Yin Yang.

    It is known in some cultures as the "Stone of Eternity" because it helps prevents afraid of aging. It's energy vibrations transmit serenity and patience and decreases stress because it helps carry peace and tranquility.

    Indian Agate is also known to provide security, protection and stimulates concentration. It is mixed colors, but predominantly green. Green minerals have a harmonizing and neutralizing effects and increases interest and enthusiasm. Green brings initiative and will to live, stimulates the sense and the ability of perception and draws our attention to the material world bringing abundance and success into one's life. Green is the color of hope.

    Chakra * Heart - Solar Plexus - Sacral - Root

    Indian Agate has all hues of the lower chakras working on the heart all the way down to the root. The root is the seed of security and self love, when in balance one will feel and increase in willingness to step into their power. Moving up to the sacral, this is the stem of creativity and passion. When a person learns to love themselves they are able to express their arts and passions more creatively. Moving up to the solar plexus that evolves into a person being able to trust their gut, and act with conviction on their desires. All of which help open in the heart to begin embodying who they are at their core, loving themselves, and the reflections they put out into the world. This would pair perfectly with Fluorite that works on the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra.

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